"They were a blue sleeveless haori jacket with a silver crest on the rear. Their helmet should be of the zunari shape, be lacquered in black with a hinomaru gold circle. Other crests are not allowed" - Ikeda Clan manual


A typical Zunari helmet many Yo no shinobi would have worn in their castles or during night raids

Yo no Shinobi were ninja hired in the open to defend the lord or his castle, or to go to war in a shinobi group. They were housed in castles, or a local area, as shinobi in full view of the public. This displays a lord's use of shinobi to his enemies, which gives the message that he is well informed, defended, and if the issue arises there are spies to deal with such matters. Additionally, public shinobi were also used openly in teams during military campaigns. They had their own residence, uniforms, crests and helmets.