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Hey! I’m BaconBoi1111, you can call me BaconBoi for short, or just bacon for even shorter, I might edit here, I am mainly adding Trivia, correcting grammar, fixing broken links in pages and adding categories! I joined BGS Community Content Wiki and Community Central. I mostly contribute in BGS Community Content Wiki- You can ask me in my message wall for help on articles if you want to! Have a good time here, and please don’t call me a noob just because my name is Bacon.

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About Me

I contribute at BGS Community Content Wiki and at Community Central. Please contact me via a UCP wiki if you wish to communicate with me. Suggested wikis to contact me include BGS Community Content Wiki, Bubble Gum Simulator Wiki or Bacon Team Wiki. If I’m blocked on a wiki (which is not very likely), you can still communicate with my via my Message Wall or User Talk Page. If you need article, template, or other designs assistance I would be more than glad to help. Have a good time at Community Central!