Bow and Arrow








Long Range Attacks

The bow was used by the shinobi as well as the samurai. The bow is a flexible arc which shoots aerodynamic arrows by means of elastic energy. Most are made from wood that are curved, then a string is attached. As this string is drawn, energy is stored in the flexible limbs of the bow; the energy is transferred to the arrow when the string is released, projecting it much farther than a weapon could be thrown.

The standard yumi-stlye longbow


Bows were used to make precise and most importantly, silent kills. Stronger bows would on occasion penetrate light Samurai armor, making it a valuable asset on any battlefield. The arrows were sometimes dipped in poison to increase the kill probability.

When a shinobi infiltrated a castle he would sometimes come across arrow or gun ports. They are inset into the walls of castle defenses positioned at different heights. Shinobi would creep up to these areas and fire burning arrows and flash arrows through them into the interior of the castle to see in the dark. They would also occasionally throw in hand grenades to kill those firing at their allies during a siege.

According to the Giyoshu military manual, the powder in fire arrows would be made out of saltpeter, sulphur, ash and iron filings. The development of gunpowder and muskets, and the growing size of armies, led to their replacement in warfare several centuries ago in much of the world.


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