The Akutagawa Kaden (Akutagawa Family Traditions) is a shinobi scroll that recounts the ninjutsu of the Akutagawa clan in Koka. The traditions are thought of as divine and inherited from gods.


A Ninpuden ladder

The first principle of this ninjutsu tradition is the use of shinobi tools such as the grappling hook, torches, and the donohi. Shinobi must master the tools of infiltration like ladders, climbing spikes, saws, nails, drills and lock picks. He must learn the art of knowing if someone is asleep or awake.

The scroll describes the use of palm torches, techniques of climbing fences and walls and the use of caltrops. Additionally, it also details the art of knowing the depth of a moat and cutting through hard objects. It also extensively catalogs kajutsu skills.